Match Grade and What it Means

Match Grade and What it Means

Posted by Anthony Nuccio on Jul 1st 2017

Blackwater Precision is a match grade ammunition manufacture. Our primary sales channel is our online ammunition store.  Our products are made with precision and quality in every step. We utilize the finest components we can find and provide the attention required to make a superb round. Definitions of "match grade" vary depending on who you ask. Our QC process we believe sets us apart. We run our presses slightly slower than most to provide the powder time to be accurately measured. Every round we make we hand inspect and case gauge. This verifies that the round will chamber in your firearm. We then check the velocity, group check, bullet trap and cycle test each individual lot. These additional steps we take, we believe provide our customers the most accurate, best recoiling ammunition on the market.

Our Products:

9mm; 40 S&W; 45 ACP

All of our pistol ammunition utilizes a polymer coated projectile.  This offers consistency not achieved by other types of projectiles. Consistent projectile weight translates into consistent velocity. Whether you are a competitive shooter or someone who likes to target practice in the yard, our ammunition will cycle reliably and keep your firearm clean. We offer minimum power and major power 40 S&W.

9mm NAS3 Casing:

The NAS3 casing is a composite material that can be picked up out of the grass after firing. Simply use a roofing magnet over the area and cleanup is a breeze. These casings offer little to no case expansion and cracking. They can be reloaded over 100 times and weigh 7 lbs less than brass per 1000. 

300 Blackout

Our 300 AAC Blackout uses the LC single head-stamp brass. By utilizing single head-stamp brass, our tolerances are tighter than mixed head-stamp. Single head-stamp also provides an even brass expansion rate across the entire box. Striving and achieving sub MOA ammunition is our goal and our mission. 

We offer the following products in 300 Blackout

125 grain supersonic 

155 grain supersonic

200 grain expanding subsonic

208 grain subsonic