Shooting Team

Please take a moment to meet our competitive shooters. We appreciate the time and effort they commit to the shooting sports! 


Simon Cote: 


Simon started shooting IDPA and USPSA as a new hobby in spring of 2016, he first  classified as a Marksman in May 2016. No later then June 2017, he got promoted to Master by winning the SSP Division at a sanctioned match. His desire to perform made him train and practice hard in order to succeed at matches and reach his goals. Getting trained by pro shooters was a tremendous step in his learning curve. 

Simon is an IDPA Safety Officer and Assistant Match Director at local matches and the Rustbelt Championship, a sanctioned match.

Simon relocated from Canada to the USA in 2001. Simon is married and has 2 children.

Moose and whitetail hunting are also part of Simon's hobby.

Simon owns and operates a construction and excavating company. 

If you see Simon on the range, do not hesitate to talk to him, he will share his passion for the sport with you!


Eric Lapierre: 


Eric Lapierre “FishE” started competitively shooting in late 2016.  A lifelong bucket list item for him and a realization that you never know unless you try, he stepped into the arena with IDPA and Steel Challenge. As an avid fisherman he was immediately hooked into the sport and was competing weekly. After 4 months of competing he was able to obtain a 1st place victory in SSP NOVICE 2016 Live Free Or Die IDPA Match. 3rd place in SSP MM 2017 Live Free Or Die IDPA Match. 

Vowing that in the second season he would also enter into USPSA and see what he could do.  With every match there are marked improvements. but it wasn’t until Eric decided to switch from Production to Limited did he realize the speedster he wanted to be. 

Speed and accuracy. That’s the name of the game and nowhere can you prove that more against yourself than Steel Challenge. Nothing like the ringing report of the Steel clang to make you miss fast!  Consistently placing well for a newer competitor drives home the need to get better. 

Eric comes from the school of hard knocks, being self taught for pretty much everything. Early on when he started he wanted to compete against others on an even playing field. Not wanting to compete against the tricked out guns an a philosophy of keep it simple, Eric standard set up is a stock gun with iron sights. Nothing tricked out or modified. He wants to work on skills and refine them and push himself to see how far he can take it.  



Mark Sorensen: 


Mark Sorensen has been competitively shooting for 5 years and has successfully climbed to Master class in Limited and Single Stack, and currently on the verge of achieving Grand Master.

His achievements include;

2013 Indiana Sec C Class limited champion

2014 Area 5 2nd B Class limited

2015 Indiana 400 6th overall limited

2016 Battle in the Bluegrass 1st Master

His excitement for the sport started with him shooting IDPA in 2012. This quickly moved to him shooting USPSA and becoming a Match Director for a local match held monthly. His passion for shooting, guns and gunsmithing has been a large part of his life. It was only a natural fit for Mark to start Carne Customs.  In his spare time he is working on his mill and dry firing around the house. Together with the support from his family and Blackwater Precision, he is looking forward to shooting many major matches this year.